LSpatch01 (1.57MB) upgrades from v1 to v2

LSpatch02 (2.05MB) upgrades from v2 to v3

LSpatch03 (1.84MB) upgrades from v3 to v4

LSpatch04 (1.53MB) upgrades from v4 to v5

LSpatch05 (1.51MB) upgrades from v5 to v6

LSpatch06 (1.61MB) upgrades from v6 to v7

LSpatch07 (1.51MB) upgrades from v7 to v8

LSpatch08 (1.63MB) upgrades from v8 to v9

LSpatch09 (1.60MB) upgrades from v9 to v10

LSpatch10 (1.61MB) upgrades from v10 to v11

LSpatch11 (1.57MB) upgrades from v11 to v12

LSpatch12 (1.57MB) upgrades from v12 to v13

  • You don't need patches if you download the latest version (v14)!
  • patches must be applied sequentially! i.e., to go from v1 to v8 requires you first apply LSpatch01, then LSpatch02, etc.
  • There is no patch to upgrade from v13 to v14. You must download the v14 full version.


Old Full Versions:

The Lost Spires v13 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v12 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v11 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v10 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v09 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v08 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v07 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v06 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v05 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v04 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v03 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v02 (259MB)

The Lost Spires v01 (259MB)



Patch Info:


  • All dialogue has been run through a spellchecker as part of the voiceover process. No voiceovers yet, as they're incomplete.
  • All instances of the AddTopic Box Bug have been cleared up, so no more incomplete topic additions.
  • Duplicate excavation site door removed from cell (12,8).
  • Newheim's Heirloom Mug removed from Archeology Guild Sleeping Quarters.
  • Miscellaneous other things I can't recall.


  • Adjusted firewall speed formula, making it easier for players with 90+ speed.
  • Added additional pool of water to the final dungeon.
  • Removed an accidental duplicate instance of an important quest corpse, now there's only one.
  • Fixed bug where equipping the Evil Sorcerer's hood caused player's face to disappear.
  • Taking gold from Bloodvein's main tunnels is now considered stealing.
  • Deleted a duplicate ceiling tile in the first spire cave.
  • Fixed bug where the Labyrinth Key would fall through the pedistal on which it lay.
  • Downgraded stats on several overpowered items (just a bit).


  • More funeral scene fixes
  • Many artifacts are now activatable directly from the inventory (no more droping items).
  • Summoned Ethereal Imps will now follow you through doors.
  • Adjusted loot containers in Primeval Hollow, making sure they are all accessible.


  • LS is now compatible with Mud & Blood.
  • Fixed floating rocks near the Pristine Spire.
  • Adjusted funeral scene settings to address a bug where Rythor would start following the player around.
  • Fixed exploit where an Archeology Guild member would continue issuing gold if the player repeated the same topic over and over again.
  • Fixed a few minor typos.


  • Fixed 2 missing texture issues: the corrupt wisps and the Horn of Zyyr room spike.


  • Fixed funeral scene bugs. Good stuff.


  • Fixed the Evil Sorcerer quest update bug.
  • Added a final escape hint to eliminate frustration.
  • Fixed a ton of minor bugs, including typos, object alignments, etc.


  • Made aspects of the final battle easier, and less frustrating.


  • Fixed problem with the Guard near Miro's Scribe Services getting stuck inside her house, thus not allowing the player to speak with him. This fix is retroactive, so no need to load previous saves.
  • Fixed problem with Tumyr where he would refuse to give you more Dissolving Agents after you received the first one. This is fix is retroactive too.
  • Fixed minor dialogue issues.
  • Fixed misaligned lamp in the Bloodvein Mine Vampire Lair.
  • Repositioned one loot chest in the Bandit Lair.


  • Fixed another potential excavation site problem.
  • Fixed boss exploit.
  • Fixed floating rocks around BloodVein mine.
  • Increased Bloodvein mine difficutly a bit.


  • Fixed Tumyr's excavation site crashes.
  • Added quest targets.
  • Minor dialogue corrections.


  • Fixed a missing mesh icon that appeared in the Archeology Guild garden.





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